Why Offer Affiliate Content

In today's economy, organizations are having to do more with less: less staff, less budget, and often less readers or members.

While we realize you want to focus your resources primarily on your main lines of business in order to attract and retain customers and to grow your revenues, affiliate content gives your organization the ability to better serve these customers while growing your revenues and your brand - without adding headcount, without adding work, and while keeping your website visitors happier. It also helps keep your client base on your website longer – and away from your competitors.

Consider just a few of the uses of affiliate content:


The primary role of an Association is to work for it's members in education, lobbying, industry changes, etc. But what good is letting members know of changes if they have to go elsewhere to get trained?

For instance, it is nice for members to be told that FMLA laws changed, but quite another to train them on how the law affects their internal processes, procedures, and compliance requirement responsibilities! Wouldn't it be better to say "XYZ" law changed...and here's a training course to help you to better understand and comply with the new requirements?

Thus, Affiliate content helps Associations to better serve their members – and to create non-dues revenues while doing it. And Industry Calendar content is designed specifically to help your members with both their soft and hard skill training needs, which keeps them in the business – and an Association Member – longer.


Magazines do a great job of keeping their readers up to date on trends, new income opportunities, etc.

With affiliate content, they can now fulfill their reader's need to get trained on these new trends and opportunities.

It also helps them proactively, as their readers can now purchase these products directly from their website, instead of leaving the site to purchase it elsewhere.

Job Boards / Training Schools:

Featured & Benefits:
  • It is the quickest and easiest way to increase revenues

  • You increase your SEO

  • You get brand extension by offering related products and services

  • You keep visitors on your website longer

  • You can sell advertising on your affiliate pages

  • No Overhead: No capital expenditures, extra personnel, payroll, or support costs!
Job Boards:
While Job Boards derive revenues from one source – employers who post jobs – they actually have two revenue-generating sources for Affiliate content: job seekers and job posters.

Think about it: job seekers go to job boards looking for jobs, many of which, like insurance, real estate, or financial services, require a license or very specific training to work in that industry. For instance, would a new payroll clerk know how to handle fringe benefits? Sick pay? Garnishments? Would a new HR rep know how to handle COBRA, an FMLA leave request? A “reasonable accommodation”? Of course not! Thus, Affiliate content can help job seekers get training to qualify for jobs – and create revenues for the job boards selling the training!

An additional - and larger - revenue stream comes from job posters. Not only do they post jobs, but usually are the people responsible for all hiring, training, workforce planning, and compliance at their companies. Thus, while they may only post one job via a job board, they potentially have thousands of other employees for whom they need all types of training!

Training Schools:
Most industries require either licensing or advanced training to be successful. Affiliate Content can help those training schools who focus primarily on licensing to better-help their students – and create additional revenues while doing so! For example, Affiliate content can help new/newly-licensed real estate, insurance, accounting, and other professionals to better handle objections, sell industry specific products, handle objections, create and manage a FaceBook page, create leads, market their business, etc., etc.

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