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OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional

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OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional
The role of the HR professional and a safety manager often intertwine within organiza-tions through different departments. However, in many organizations, these two roles are blended into a single role assigned to the HR professional.

This means that, in addition to your HR responsibilities, you also must know the occupational safety and health responsibilities for compliance with all state, federal, and local requirements regarding employment laws and regulations.

To help you with these additional responsibilities, this webinar goes over the long-standing OSHA requirements, the most recent OSHA regulatory changes, and the most frequently cited violations for FY17 (in other words, the areas where most problems occur so you can fix them before they happen at your organization!).

OSHA has increased the cost of non-compliance for three connective years Ė donít let your organization be fined for something you could have easily fixed by attending this webinar!

Learning Objectives

This webinar is jammed pack with information that will assist any HR professional to be up-to-date on OSHA regulations.

Here is just some of what youíll learn:
  • OSHA Reporting requirements for specific types of injuries

  • The most-common OSHA violations and citations

  • The new online Reporting/Recordkeeping rules for dates and submissions

  • Effective management techniques for contract employees

  • The four stages of 'The Safety Maturity Curve'
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