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Featured Events
Agile Basics For HR Agile Basics For HR


"Agile" is a team-focused approach that emphasizes adaptability and collaboration for solutions that meet organizational and customer needs - while also being responsive to change in real time.
Fundamentals Of Form W-2 & Form W-4 Processing Fundamentals Of Form W-2 & Form W-4 Processing


This training session covers the Form W-4 and Form W-2, and provides critical training to help you to stay on top of current rules and regulations regarding these forms.
aPHR Certification Prep Class aPHR Certification Prep Class


Our instructor-led certification prep course is designed to prepare you to earn your aPHR certification credential.
Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid


This training session will cover the top ten mistakes of payroll professionals and how to fix them. Listen as the presenter discusses solutions to how your payroll department can be compliant with federal laws.
IRS Rules For Travel Pay IRS Rules For Travel Pay


This audio conference covers the IRS rules regarding what is considered travel versus commute and what is an allowable expense versus taxable wages. It will enable you to understand how and when to compensate an employee for travel time away from a work site.
Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting Payroll Reconciliation And Reporting


In this audio conference, you will learn payroll reconciliation and reporting tips that will help you - and the rest of your company - sleep better knowing both your workers and the government are happy with payroll.
Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements Rules And Requirements For Employee Expense Reimbursements


This course covers the rules and requirements for expense reimbursements, as well as best practices for processing expense reimbursements either in payroll or accounts payable.
Payroll Issues For Deceased Employees Payroll Issues For Deceased Employees


This audio conference will give you the tools to handle difficult situations when employees are deceased all while protecting your company at the same time.
Information Security Program Basics For Banks


Explore the fundamental building blocks of a repeatable framework for cybersecurity and information security issues.
Overdraft Requirements & Best Practices Overdraft Requirements & Best Practices


This webinar will dissect the regulatory requirements and examiner expectations related to overdrafts in plain English.
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