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About Our HR Webinars

Are you a human resources professional who enjoys attending in-person training events, but have scheduling conflicts and time constraints that prevent you from traveling to seminars and conferences? Then try some of our HR training webinars!

The webinar format offers a convenient, cost-effective, and less time-consuming alternative. Webinars use the power and reach of the internet to make a virtual presentation to individuals in remote locations. Attendees don't have to travel anywhere - they only have to log in at the designated time and watch the event from the comfort of an office or wherever they have online access.

Webinars use video and audio to enable the speaker to make a live presentation. Attendees can participate via chat boxes that allow the speaker to respond to their questions and comments in real time. It's also possible to record the event so that those who can't attend can view it later.

The Industry Calendar is your one-stop source for a variety of informative HR webinars that will help you meet your training, compliance, and continuing education objectives.

Featured HR Webinars

Listed below are our featured HR webinars and audio conferences. Each of our HR webinars and audio conferences are available in live and recorded versions, and are a great way to get up to speed on critical issues - without leaving your office! You also earn 1.5 SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification credits! To see more details or to order a specific HR webinars and audio conferences, simply click the title.

How To Improve HR's Influence And Negotiation Skills

In this training session from an HR veteran with 25 years experience, you will learn best practices for interacting with - and influencing - difficult department heads and senior leaders. You'll learn some tips for maximizing your work/life balance.
Successful Strategies For Running An 'HR Department Of One'

A one-person HR shop is all things to all employees and managers, so they need to know a lot about a lot and they also need to know when to stop and seek advice. This audio conference will assist the one person HR department in making a plan to prioritize the operational, compliance, and people needs of the business.
How To Conduct Employee Relations Investigations

Most HR professionals have never had formal training in how to conduct investigations; yet, when the time comes to handle an employee issue…who do they call?? HR. Act now to learn the basics of how to gather a statement of complaint, identify witnesses, gather evidence, and conduct witness interviews that get to the truth.
Conducting HR Investigations Involving A Virtual Workforce

This webinar will provide valuable insight for conducting employee investigations for a virtual workforce. By attending, you will learn valuable tips, techniques, and tools, as well as best practices for working cases virtually.
Is It FMLA Or The “Friday-Monday Leave Act”? How To Identify And Investigate Employees Who Are Gaming The System

Even though the FMLA regulations are complex, confusing, and present loopholes that are easy to exploit, companies should not be reluctant to deny leave or terminate troublesome employees for fear of being sued. This training session will help you identify exactly what you can do – and how to take decisive action in even the most delicate situations.
Serious Complaint or Employee Drama?

In this informative audio conference, learn how to sift through all the employee drama to clearly identify legitimate employee relations' issues that need to be investigated - and which ones you should push back on or have your managers and supervisors handled themselves.
How To Keep HR From Being The Employee Complaint Department

In this informative audio conference, learn how to spot the “Bermuda Triangle”, how to avoid getting lost in it, and how to establish boundaries in HR to stop handling issues that HR doesn’t own.
How To Identify And Investigate FMLA Abuse

This course will teach you strategies for identifying and handling potential FMLA abuse, how to effectively document FMLA to confront abusers, and how effective steps in how to manage FMLA abuse investigations.
The 2020 Form W-4: How To Process And Handle

This training session covers the Form W-4 and Form W-2, and provides critical training to help you to stay on top of current rules and regulations regarding these forms.
Current Issues In HR Metrics

This audio conference discusses the use of metrics as a core competency, reviews the role HR metrics play in helping the organization make critical business decisions, describes the calculation of employment practices liability risk exposure, and provides a listing of some of the more widely used HR metrics.
PHR-SPHR Certification - Online Exam Prep Class

This fully online, instructor-led certification prep course is designed to prepare you to earn your PHR or SPHR certification credential.
Why Do Managers Give HR A Hard Time? How To Improve Your Relationship With Managers, Improve Cooperation, And Minimize Conflict

There are many factors that contribute to why managers don't "get it", and in this training session we'll discuss some of the root causes, as well as ways to proactively address the issue.
How To Handle Employee's Accommodation Requests - And Identify Requests That Just Aren't Reasonable

This must-attend training session will help to ensure you are current on the law, understand how to identify true, qualified disabilities, how to handle employee accommodation requests, and how to handle requests that are unreasonable and create an undue hardship on the employer.
Key Issues For Employee Handbooks

This audio conference reviews current employee handbook policies and discusses how organizations can reduce the gap between policy issuance and effective implementation.
How To Properly Handle A Reduction-In-Workforce And Employee Layoffs

In attending this important training session, you will learn how to help senior leaders stabilize the business while also minimizing the risk of violating labor and employment laws.
I Just Lost My Job In HR…How To Find A New One

In this informative audio conference we will guide you through how to create a strategic career management plan so you can reduce your stress level and work effectively toward obtaining a new position.

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The Benefits Of Human Resource Webinars

Human resource training webinars offer several valuable benefits for attendees:

  • Convenience:
    With a webinar, there's no need to travel to a physical training site or pay for hotels, meals and other related expenses. Attendees only need to block out the designated amount of time on their calendars and use the provided web-based video conferencing tool to gain access. They're ideal for busy HR professionals who would prefer not to leave the office for training.
  • Interactive:
    Webinars offer an interactive training experience where attendees can provide input and converse with the presenter. A common feature in many webinars is a Q&A session at the end where participants can ask the presenter to elaborate on or clarify points or provide supplemental information.
  • Access To Experts:
    Just like an in-person seminar, the webinar format enables experts to make a presentation on topics that matter to the attendees. The presenter can use slides and other visual aids to increase the attendees' comprehension.
  • Archivable:
    Because it's possible to record and save webinars, anyone with access can view them on demand. This feature is ideal for those who want to refresh their memory or watch it again to make sure they haven't missed any vital information.
  • Maintain Productivity:
    Since webinars don't require attendees to travel or even leave the office, they can avoid the lost productivity that often happens when attending live events. HR professionals can focus on the presentation without worrying about losing a lot of precious time.
Our HR Webinars

Our upcoming webinars cover a wide range of topics that apply to human resources professionals this year and beyond. They all feature informative presentations delivered by subject matter experts who bring extensive real-world experience to the training. Examples of the training areas include:

  • Compensation:
    Many organizations struggle with developing a compensation system that is competitive enough to attract and retain talented workers without creating an unmanageable expense. Get tips for how to implement and maintain an equitable payroll system in your organization.
  • Going Paperless:
    Making the transition from paper to computerized processes can improve organization, reduce costs and help meet sustainability objectives. Learn more about the latest paperless technologies that your HR team can implement in areas such as audit preparation, electronic filing and reporting, payroll recordkeeping and documentation. You'll also learn what to look for when choosing a technology vendor.
  • Certification Exam:
    Are you looking to earn PHR or SPHR certification? Our selection of HR training webinars includes prep classes that will enable you to approach online testing with total confidence. Receive expert instruction in all key exam content areas such as labor relations, leadership, and employee relations and engagement. You'll also have access to HRCP exam prep materials for either exam type.
  • Communications:
    HR representatives must possess strong communication skills and have the ability to facilitate effective communication throughout all levels of the organization. We offer HR webinars that cover relevant topics such as conflict resolution, managing difficult people, how to use tact and professionalism when communicating and the use of persuasion to positively influence the actions and behaviors of others.
  • Law:
    The legal landscape is constantly changing, and it has a direct impact on the HR function. We offer informative webinars that cover the various aspects of employment law, including critical areas such as discrimination, hiring practices, harassment in the workplace, workers with disabilities and the administration of employee benefits. Learn how to avoid the legal pitfalls that could lead to costly litigation.
How To Access Our HR Training Webinars

Getting access to any of our webinars is fast and easy. You can make your purchase online in advance, and when the time comes, log in from your computer or mobile device. You won't need to buy any extra software or equipment. If you're unable to attend the live event, the training will be available on-demand so you can view it at your convenience.

The Industry Calendar Can Meet All Your Training Needs

The Industry Calendar has been offering can't-miss training events to busy HR professionals like you for more than 10 years. Whether your objective is to meet compliance or certification requirements, stay up to date on the latest developments, boost your skills or get the knowledge you need to enhance your career advancement prospects, we have the right programs to help you reach your goals.

Our featured events are the product of our in-house team of experts or our affiliation with a network of HR industry partners who bring their unique experiences and insights to the program development process. Either way, you'll get all the tools and resources you need to optimize your learning experience.

Register For An HR Webinar Today

Browse our current selection of HR webinar offerings and choose the ones that meet your career and educational objectives. If you have questions or want more information about any of our webinars, feel free to contact us online. You can also give us a call at 770-410-1219.

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Why Attend The Industry Calendar's HR Audio Training Courses?

The Industry Calendar offers a wide variety of human resources audio conferences for all of your HR professional needs.

Each of our HR audio conferences is a 90-minute presentation that focuses on a specific HR function - from recruiting to hiring to administering your compliance responsibilities, and everything in between - that helps you do your job more effectively.

Our human resources audio conferences are a fast, convenient, inexpensive, and guaranteed way to train one or more people. And best yet, our HR audio conferences are available in live or recorded versions!

HR Audio Conferences, HR Webcasts, HR Teleseminars, HR Audio Training, and HR Webinars can be used interchangeably and mean an HR event that you attend via the phone and/or computer at your home or office. More / Benefits of Audio Training
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