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Safety Webinars

Safety Webinars

Our Health And Safety Webinars

Are you looking for convenient OSHA-compliant health and safety training solutions? If spending a few days out of your office or facility to attend an in-person seminar isn't a viable option, online safety webinars from The Industry Calendar can provide a practical and cost-effective alternative. You'll be able to complete your training without ever setting foot outside your workplace.

Featured Safety Webinars

Listed below are our featured safety webinars and audio conferences. Each of our safety webinars and audio conferences are available in live and recorded versions, and are a great way to get up to speed on critical issues - without leaving your office! You also can earn up to 1.5 SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification credits! To see more details or to order a specific safety webinars and audio conferences, simply click the title.

Workers' Comp 101: The Whats, Whens, And Whys

This 90 minute training session will provide you and/or your team with a better understanding of how workers’ comp works, plus how you can directly impact claim outcomes and costs.
Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance

Many states have become aggressive when enforcing their non-resident state income tax withholding rules, and state payroll tax auditors are now questioning whether or not you have workers "performing services" in their state. By attending this audio conference you will learn taxation and reporting requirements for all states where your organization has employees working - or in some cases - living.
Garnishments, Child Support Orders, And Other Levies

This training session gives you tools to better understand the responsibilities that a company has regarding garnishments, Child Support orders, and levies under state and federal guidelines such as Consumer Credit Protection Act, IRS levy requirements, and state-specific levy and garnishment withholding requirements.
Practical Tips That Strengthen Your Workers' Comp Program - And Your Bottom Line

If these or other workers' comp problems are testing your patience, you need some ways to strengthen your program and your profits! And this audio conference will help!
Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying - What Every HR Professional Should Know

Fostering a professional workplace free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying may be one of the most important things a human resources professional can do.
How to Identify and Eliminate Workers' Comp Misrepresentation

Sometimes the tell-tale signs of a fraudulent claim are apparent right away; other times they don't develop until the claim is already in progress, but either way, you need to know what to do to protect your organization.
Return-To-Work Strategies

Learn how to have an organized, simple, and documented assessment process to accommodate returning employees to work who have not fully recovered from occupational injuries.
Unclaimed Paycheck And Property Challenges

Amazingly, departing employees don't always collect all wages owed to them. Unfortunately, as a payroll professional, that becomes your problem — especially since fewer than 1 in 5 businesses comply with laws for reporting and submitting unclaimed payroll check and other property.
OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professional

This webinar goes over the long-standing OSHA requirements, the most recent OSHA regulatory changes, and the most frequently cited violations for FY17 (in other words, the areas where most problems occur so you can fix them before they happen at your organization!).
OSHA Rules For Hiring Contract Employees

This webinar provides insight on how to protect your employer from OSHA regulation as well as to develop an understanding on OSHA’s stance for contract and temporary workers.
Accident / Incident Investigation And Root Cause Analysis

The purpose of conducting an accident investigation is to prevent recurrence and not find fault
Best Practices For Near Miss Reporting

This session focuses on how to develop, implement, and maintain a Near Miss reporting system. It teaches you what to collect, how to effectively and efficiently collect it, and what to do with the information after it has been collected.
Confined Spaces Hazards: How To Limit Your Risks And Manage Permits

Join us for this informative audio conference which will focus on not only the technical aspects of confined spaces, but on the very important Entry Supervisor responsibilities, including completing the permit process correctly, ensuring proper training for Attendants, and how to be prepared for rescue operations.
How To Conduct A Mock OSHA Audit

Don't wait until someone gets hurt or OSHA fines you to get serious about evaluating the hazards in your work practices and in your workplace! Attend this webinar to learn the efficient and time-tested way to conduct a mock audit of your facility.
How To Identify - And Avoid - OSHA's Frequently Cited Regulations

By participating in this informative webinar, you will gain a better understanding of what OSHA’s Compliance Safety and Health Officer’s (CSHO’s) are finding when conducting inspections.
OSHA Recordkeeping 101

This training session is particularly important in light of OSHA’s new National Emphasis Program on Injury and Illness Recordkeeping and will provide participants with the tools, skills, and knowledge to make the correct recordkeeping and reporting decisions.
OSHA Recordkeeping: Tips For Filling Out The Forms Correctly

Our safety expert will give you sound, effective tips to create a recordkeeping and retention trail that will get you through the OSHA maze and help you reap the benefits of a safer workplace and a safer workforce.
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About Our Health And Safety Webinars

Our Wide Selection of OSHA Safety Webinars

At The Industry Calendar, we strive to deliver a wide variety of the most informative and relevant training resources to busy professionals like you. Our collection of workplace safety webinars encompasses many topics that apply to today's work environments, such as:

  • OSHA Responsibilities Of The HR Professionals:
    In many organizations, the human resources department oversees the health and safety management function. We've designed this webinar to guide HR professionals in their quest to achieve OSHA compliance. Subject areas include injury reporting requirements, record keeping rules, the most common OSHA violations, and management techniques for contract employees.
  • OSHA Rules For Hiring Contract Employees:
    Does your organization rely on the services of contract or temporary employees to meet your staffing needs? This seminar gives you a better understanding of the unique OSHA requirements that apply to these workers. Topics include how to reduce your risk exposure, common citations involving the use of contract employees, and the NLRB's current position on this segment of the workforce.
  • How To Conduct A Mock OSHA Audit:
    Performing a mock OSHA audit can prepare your organization for the real thing and help you avoid costly non-compliance fines and penalties. This webinar guides you through the entire process.

If you're unable to attend a live webinar event, you can still view the presentation. We record all our webinars and make them available on-demand, allowing you to watch them whenever your schedule allows.

Benefits Of Workplace Safety Training Webinars

Webinars are online meetings that allow small or large groups to join from anywhere with internet access. Participants can see and hear the presentation, much like when attending an in-person seminar. Benefits of the webinar format include:

  • Eliminates expenses involved with traveling to off-site events (lodging, transportation, meals, etc.)
  • Provides opportunity to ask questions and interact with other attendees via audio or online chat
  • Grants access to subject matter experts who bring an abundance of knowledge and experience to the webinar
  • Allows participants to fulfill OSHA compliance requirements in some cases
  • Reduces lost productivity resulting from spending several days away from the workplace
  • Enables attendees to concentrate on the presentation in a comfortable, distraction-free environment
  • Eliminates geographical and logistical barriers that may prevent attending in-person seminars
Register For An Online Safety Webinar Today

The Industry Calendar offers more than 10 years of experience producing high-quality health and safety webinars and other valuable training resources. We have the right product to meet your educational, compliance and self-development needs. Browse our current selection of workplace safety webinars and place your order today. Contact us online if you have questions or would like more information.

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Why Attend The Industry Calendar's Safety Audio Training Courses?

The Industry Calendar offers a wide variety of safety audio conferences for all of your safety professional needs.

Each of our safety audio conferences is a 90-minute presentation that focuses on a specific safety function - from recruiting to hiring to administering your compliance responsibilities, and everything in between - that helps you do your job more effectively.

Our safety audio conferences are a fast, convenient, inexpensive, and guaranteed way to train one or more people. And best yet, our safety audio conferences are available in live or recorded versions!

Safety Audio Conferences, Safety Webcasts, Safety Teleseminars, Safety Audio Training, and Safety Webinars can be used interchangeably and mean an safety event that you attend via the phone and/or computer at your home or office. More / Benefits of Audio Training
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