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About Our HR Seminars

Are you a human resources professional who enjoys meeting peers from other organizations? Do you find in-person training sessions to be rewarding and stimulating experiences that fit your learning style and give you extra motivation?

The Industry Calendar offers a variety of informative and inspiring HR training and development seminars that are ideal for meeting your educational, certification, and compliance requirements. We stage multiple in-person events across North America throughout the year, encompassing many timely and relevant topics. You'll be able to hone your skills and form relationships that can benefit you personally as well as professionally.

Featured HR Seminars

Below is our featured list of HR seminars. This page lists HR seminars that are held all across North America, covering a wide variety of HR seminar topics!

Please note that many of the HR seminars listed are held in multiple cities and dates. To see all dates and locations for an event, click the course title below; to see only those events in your area, use the search box at the bottom of this page.

Certificate Program For HR Generalists ™
6/3/2024 - 12/10/2024

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats. This course provides practical solutions to the HR challenges you confront every day. From employee relations to compliance requirements, you'll learn how to handle the tough HR questions you receive every day.
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™
5/20/2024 - 12/16/2024

Updated For The New PWFA Regulations! Available in both in-person and video conference formats, you will learn the practical tools, tips, and techniques you need to effectively manage your FMLA, ADA, and PWFA compliance responsibilities.
Certificate In Employee Benefits Law Seminar

The Certificate in Employee Benefits Law provides state-of-the-art best practices for employee benefits professionals. Current, practically-oriented and detailed information with outstanding faculty and extensive materials. Indispensable training for the benefits professional.
Certificate In Employee Relations Law Seminar
7/22/2024 - 10/7/2024

Get Updated On Employment Law The seminar is presented by prominent employment law attorneys who are also excellent presenters. The focus is on the practical implications of the law and what steps participants can take on the job to cope with the complex requirements of the various laws and regulations in areas such as Title VII compliance, harassment, discrimination, dealing with labor unions, drug testing, alternative dispute resolution, FMLA, ADA, FLSA and much more.
Human Resources For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities
5/21/2024 - 7/31/2024

New to HR? Let's get started! If you're new to HR or you've recently taken on HR commitments as part of your job, this training is an exciting "crash course" in the basics! It covers everything from legislation affecting OSHA, COBRA, FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and HIPAA to the best practices in benefits, recordkeeping, hiring, firing, and discrimination.
The Essentials Of HR Law
5/20/2024 - 8/1/2024

Get a new perspective on your HR challenges and new tools for meeting them confidently and legally! In one information-packed seminar, you'll learn what you need to know to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day.
Internal Investigations Certificate Program ™
5/21/2024 - 12/18/2024

Available via in-person and video conference formats - or we can come to you! By attending, you'll learn how to properly handle a workplace or internal investigation, including the when, why, and how to conduct internal investigations and best practices for interviewing, documenting, and reporting.
Payroll Law Seminar
5/20/2024 - 7/30/2024

With this payroll management training workshop, you'll learn how to better interpret state and federal wage and hour laws and, most important, how to keep your company out of hot water with the DOL and state agencies.
Developing Compliant Affirmative Action Programs

Develop, implement, and effectively manage compliant AAPs.
A Crash Course For The First-Time Manager Or Supervisor
5/21/2024 - 8/1/2024

You Earned Your New Supervisor Position...This Training Will Help You Make The Most Of It! Attend this one-day training seminar and gain all the skills and insights you need to lead with confidence.
How To Communicate With Tact And Professionalism
5/20/2024 - 8/1/2024

Learn How To Communicate More Effectively! This seminar teaches the essential skills you need to become a more polished, persuasive communicator. You'll gain insights into everything from making a good impression, to motivating people, to intervening in tense situations.
How To Supervise People
5/21/2024 - 8/2/2024

Now, Supervisor Training Power-Packed With Fresh Ideas To Motivate You And Your Team! You'll learn how to provide meaningful praise, enhance your communication skills, and keep top performers at their maximum level without burning out.
Dealing With Difficult People
5/21/2024 - 7/31/2024

Learn Successful Strategies For Working With Difficult People This training gives you concrete techniques for dealing with difficult people, both in the workplace and at home.
Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects And Deadlines
5/20/2024 - 8/1/2024

Prioritize Crucial Projects, Manage Conflicting Demands, Reduce Pressure, And Master Multiple Tasks With Confidence This powerful one-day seminar teaches you the all-important skills that will help you deal with dozens of top priorities.
Microsoft® Excel® Basics
5/20/2024 - 8/1/2024

Sure, you know your way around a spreadsheet, but are you sure you’re familiar with all the key tools this staple program offers and the best way to use them? You certainly will be after one of our Microsoft Excel accounting workshops. Starting with the basics and moving to more advanced features, you'll learn how to turn Excel into your most powerful productivity tool. If you're only tapping into a few of the features of this powerful and versatile software, get set for a productivity explosion! You'll learn hundreds of ways to work faster, smarter, and savvier with Excel!
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What Are The Advantages Of HR Seminars?

Our human resource training seminar format offers a host of benefits for attendees:

  • Access To Experts: Our seminars feature presentations delivered by experienced industry professionals who are subject matter experts. They're willing to share their knowledge with attendees in an engaging, interactive format that includes fielding your questions. You'll be able to pick their brains and gain additional insight you can apply to your specific HR function.
  • Networking 0pportunities: In-person seminars are ideal for meeting others who do what you do every day. You'll be able to compare notes with your peers and get valuable tips that will help you perform your job more efficiently and productively. Some of the contacts you make could even enable you to plant a seed that blossoms into a new and exciting career opportunity down the road.
  • Increased Motivation: It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of why you chose human resources as a career in the first place. There's nothing like a compelling presentation from a powerful speaker to reignite your passion for the HR profession. You'll return to the office with a newfound enthusiasm that can lead to increased productivity and innovation.
  • Boost Your Knowledge: We've designed our HR seminars to deliver a lot of information in a compressed timeframe. You'll be amazed at how much you will learn in such a short amount of time without feeling overwhelmed. The intensity of the learning environment will sharpen your focus, which can help you immensely when you get back to the office.
  • Convenient Format: Are you one of those people who doesn't like reading training manuals or studying online? Do you find that you learn better in an environment with other individuals? You'll likely get more out of an HR seminar than other learning formats and retain more of the information.
Choose From A Variety Of HR Training And Development Seminars

At The Industry Calendar, we take pride in the wide variety of HR training and seminars we offer to busy professionals like you. No matter the area of human resources, you'll find an event that will increase your knowledge and enhance your skills. Some examples of upcoming HR seminars in 2020 include:

  • HR Generalist Certificate Program: Learn the ins and outs of working in HR with our HR Generalist Certificate Program!
  • Human Resources For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities: If you're new to the world of HR, this crash course will introduce you to the basics and provide a solid foundation to build upon in just one day. Learn about benefits-related aspects of the role such as the administration of COBRA and FLMA as well as record keeping, establishing employee confidentiality, coaching and counseling employees and much more.
  • The Essentials Of HR Law: Today's organizations face numerous legal challenges. This seminar covers the latest trends, issues and legislation that impact your role as an HR professional. You'll have the knowledge and insight you need to anticipate and avoid legal pitfalls that could result in expensive litigation and damage your organization's reputation.
  • Payroll Law: Managing a payroll poses many compliance and regulatory headaches for any organization. This comprehensive HR seminar provides valuable insight into a host of relevant topics. Gain an understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act and how it affects the payroll function, considerations regarding the issuance of perks and benefits, the unique circumstances involving the withholding of taxes and more.
  • How To Communicate With Tact And Professionalism: Communication is an essential skill that any competent HR professional must possess. In this seminar, you'll learn how to use diplomacy to connect with the employees in your organization and achieve positive outcomes. Over two days, you'll gain valuable insight that will help you become a better leader, understand how your actions and behaviors influence others, give and receive feedback and much more.
  • Dealing With Difficult People: An organization consists of a collection of individuals with a variety of personalities — including some that are more challenging than others. You'll learn how to identify the various types of difficult people, such as the know-it-all, the dictator, the complainer and the passive. You'll also receive valuable tips regarding how to manage them and keep them from becoming destructive and demoralizing forces in their work areas.
  • Workplace Investigations: Having to investigate FMLA, harassment, and other workplace issues are on the rise. So is the best time to learn how to do a workplace investigation when you are required to do one? Of course not, so take our Internal Investigations Certificate Program!

We partner with leading vendors and associations from across North America to prepare and present these and other top-quality HR certification seminars that make a lasting impact on attendees. We offer many of them in multiple cities and dates - if you can't make it to an event, you may have another opportunity to attend it at a different location.

About The Industry Calendar

Our goal is to offer informative in-person seminars, audio conferences, self-study programs and events that meet the learning needs of today's busy professionals. In addition to training tools for human resources, we also offer programs for payroll, safety, workers' compensation, banking and other vital areas of business operations. Many of our offerings help learners earn certifications and maintain regulatory compliance. You'll experience the convenience of fulfilling all your training requirements with one provider, which saves time and eliminates hassles.

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