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Payroll Webinars

Payroll Webinars

Payroll Webinars

Whether you work in HR, Accounting, or only handle payroll, your payroll administrative responsibilities means you must stay current on the latest legal, regulatory, and procedural changes that impact your job. But finding the time in a hectic schedule to attend classes can be a challenge. Payroll training webinars from The Industry Calendar offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for busy professionals like you. Simply click below to see some of our upcoming webinars, or use the search box to find other payroll training titles.

Featured Payroll Webinars

Listed below are our featured payroll webinars and audio conferences. Each of our payroll webinars and audio conferences are available in live and recorded versions, and are a great way to get up to speed on critical issues - without leaving your office! You also earn 1.5 SHRM and HRCI Re-Certification credits! To see more details or to order a specific payroll webinars and audio conferences, simply click the title.

Independent Consultant Or Employee? - A Payroll Auditor's Advice For IRS Compliance

During this program, you will learn how to properly use and pay independent contractors - and assist in avoiding costly worker-classification audits.
Designing Base Pay Programs: What Works!

This training session will give you the tips and best practices to make your base pay program a roaring success!
How To Do A Payroll Audit - Former Auditor's Expert Advice

Learn how to audit your payroll department to not only catch potential mistakes – however inadvertent – but also save your organization some fines or penalties.
Disaster Planning For Payroll

This training session gives you the tools to develop a solid disaster recovery plan. By attending this training session, you will learn best practices and tips, such as where to begin and how to keep the plan up to date.
How To Get Payroll Penalties Waived

In this audio conference, we will arm you with all you need to know in order to submit a penalty waiver request and hopefully enable you to receive the waiver.
Common Payroll Mistakes: Avoiding Issues With The IRS And DOL

This training session will cover the top ten mistakes of payroll professionals and how to fix them. Listen as the presenter discusses solutions to how your payroll department can be compliant with federal laws.
Workers' Comp Cost Savings Tips

By attending this training session, you and your team will learn proper Workers' Compensation claims handling procedures.
Requirements For Unclaimed Paychecks

Amazingly, departing employees don't always collect all wages owed to them. Unfortunately, as a payroll professional, that becomes your problem — especially since fewer than 1 in 5 businesses comply with laws for reporting and submitting unclaimed payroll check and other property.
Certified Payroll Manager

Among all the internal operations of contemporary U.S. businesses, perhaps none is subject to as many governmental regulations and requirements as payroll. Originally a technical skill, payroll today is a professional discipline. Now you can enhance your skills with a "Certified Payroll Manager" designation.
Certified Payroll Administrator

The Certified Payroll Administrator includes all aspects of payroll and training, including numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive Q&A with answer rationales to help provide valuable insight into compliance requirements while testing your comprehension and application of the learned material! Being self-paced, the courses also allow you to earn at your own pace without time out of the office!
Related Training:

Our Payroll Training Webinars

The Industry Calendar offers a wide assortment of relevant payroll webinars encompassing topics such as:

  • Payroll Taxes:
    If you're unclear about the murky area of payroll tax compliance, this informative webinar will increase your understanding of the laws and regulations. Learn the latest taxation and reporting requirements for all the states in which you conduct business.
  • Payroll Training For CPAs:
    If you're a certified public accountant, our CPA payroll webinars can help you stay current on the changes that impact your profession, and in some cases, help you meet your continuing education requirements.
  • Documentation Procedures:
    Thorough documentation of payroll procedures is essential for staying compliant with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. We offer webinars that will give you a better understanding of federal and state requirements. You'll also learn practical methods for documenting your processes.
  • Disaster Planning:
    Payroll management is typically a routine procedure, but a catastrophic event such as a natural or man-made disaster can disrupt the entire process. Our webinars give you the tools and resources you need to develop a disaster recovery plan that will keep the paychecks coming to your workforce.
What Are The Benefits Of Webinars?

Webinars are seminars conducted over the internet. Attendees can view and listen to the presentation from the comfort of their office via a computer or mobile device. This format offers several advantages:

  • No Travel:
    The ability to virtually attend webinars saves time and eliminates travel-related costs associated with offsite payroll tax seminars, such as transportation, lodging, fuel and meals.
  • Easy Interaction:
    Webinar technology enables the presenter and attendees to interact via chat or audio. Attendees can ask questions and make comments and receive real-time responses.
  • Presentations By Experts:
    All webinars from The Industry Calendar feature informative, engaging presentations by experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of their topics.
  • No Extra Equipment Required:
    Attending a webinar doesn't require you to purchase software or extra computer equipment. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. You'll receive easy-to-follow instructions and a link to join the event at the designated time.
  • On-Demand Availability:
    You don't have to worry about missing a live webinar event due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons. We record all our webinars and keep them in our archives. They're available on-demand whenever you wish to view them.
Trust The Industry Calendar For All Your Payroll Training Needs

The Industry Calendar has been providing reliable, convenient training solutions for more than a decade. You'll find all the materials and resources to meet your educational requirements in one convenient location. Take a moment to review our current payroll webinar offerings and register for an upcoming event. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us online or call 770-410-1219.

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Why Attend The Industry Calendar's Payroll Audio Training Courses?

The Industry Calendar offers a wide variety of payroll audio conferences for all of your payroll professional needs.

Each of our payroll audio conferences is a 90-minute presentation that focuses on a specific payroll function - from recruiting to hiring to administering your compliance responsibilities, and everything in between - that helps you do your job more effectively.

Our payroll audio conferences are a fast, convenient, inexpensive, and guaranteed way to train one or more people. And best yet, our payroll audio conferences are available in live or recorded versions!

Payroll Audio Conferences, Payroll Webcasts, Payroll Teleseminars, Payroll Audio Training, and Payroll Webinars can be used interchangeably and mean an payroll event that you attend via the phone and/or computer at your home or office. More / Benefits of Audio Training
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