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Listed below are seminars from vendors and Associations to help with your HR training and HR sales training needs.

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Seminar Calendar
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2/18/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Phoenix
2/19/2019 How to Supervise Bad Attitudes and Negative Behaviors Pendleton
2/19/2019 The Essentials Of HR Law Seminar Tewksbury
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel®: Beyond The Basics Phoenix
2/19/2019 Dealing With Difficult People Providence
2/19/2019 OSHA Compliance Seminar Tyler
2/19/2019 Workers' Comp Training Seminar Independence
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Houma
2/19/2019 Critical Selling® Skills Sales Training Seminar Denver
2/19/2019 Mistake-Free Grammar & Proofreading Hauppauge
2/19/2019 Developing Emotional Intelligence Billings
2/19/2019 Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects And Deadlines Sheboygan
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Anaheim
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Lakeland
2/19/2019 QuickBooks® Immersion Carlsbad
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Utica
2/19/2019 Microsoft® Excel® Basics Morgantown
2/19/2019 How To Manage Conflict And Confrontation Chico
2/20/2019 Dealing With Difficult People New Haven
2/20/2019 A Crash Course For The First-Time Manager Or Supervisor La Salle
2/20/2019 Project Management Workshop Seminar Lexington
2/20/2019 Payroll Law Seminar Greensboro
2/20/2019 QuickBooks® Immersion Yakima
2/20/2019 Business Writing For Results Birmingham
2/20/2019 Developing Emotional Intelligence Marquette
2/20/2019 Collections Law Greenville
2/20/2019 Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects And Deadlines Seminar Troy
2/20/2019 How To Manage & Organize Accounts Payable Springfield
2/20/2019 Leadership, Team-Building And Coaching Skills For Managers And Supervisors Allentown
2/20/2019 Managing Emotions Under Pressure Fredericksburg

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Feb 19|Mar 19|Apr 19|May 19|Jun 19|Topic/State
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