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Listed below are webcasts and audio conferences from vendors and Associations to help with your HR training and HR sales training needs.

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Webcast & Audio Conference Calendar
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1/18/2018 Cal/OSHA Update For 2018: What Employers Need To Know
1/18/2018 Final Paychecks: Payroll Requirements For Terminated Employees
1/18/2018 How To Keep HR From Being The Employee Complaint Department
1/22/2018 9 Ways To Spot, Handle, and Reduce Workers' Comp Fraud
1/22/2018 Basics Of Affirmative Action Planning
1/23/2018 Health Savings Accounts: Itís Time to Pay Attention!!
1/23/2018 Improving Employee Performance in Everyday Work Situations & Reviews
1/23/2018 H-1B Visa Training
1/25/2018 Payroll Pitfalls To Avoid
1/25/2018 The New OSHA 300 Log Requirements
1/26/2018 What Must Go In Your Safety Plan
1/30/2018 Brand New to HR? Identify The Critical Components Of HR You Need To Know Right Now
1/30/2018 Assertiveness Skills For HR Professionals
1/30/2018 Managing & Motivating The 7 Most Challenging Employee Types
Jan 18|Feb 18|Mar 18|Apr 18|Topic/State
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