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The Essentials Of HR Law

Duration: 1 day
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The Essentials Of HR Law
Get a new perspective on your HR challenges and new tools for meeting them confidently and legally!

Class Action lawsuits...hints of sexual harassment...regulations for interviewing and hiring. There's no end to the legal pitfalls you face every day on the job, and as a human resources professional, you're expected to stay on top of it all.

Meeting that challenge requires continuing education that keeps you abreast of the latest legal changes along with the best employment practices. That is why this seminar is so important.

In one information-packed seminar, you'll learn what you need to know to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day. You'll also learn how to think like a lawyer, so you can anticipate and sidestep problems before they arise.

This alone is well worth the price of the seminar. If you deal with the legal issues surrounding human resources as an HR professional - or even as a manager or supervisor - you need to enroll today!


Legislation, Case Laws, Trends, and Hot Issues

  • The most important employment legislation and how it affects your workplace and job
  • What you must know about the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to interviewing and hiring
  • COBRA requirements an update on the latest changes

A Fresh Look at Essential Employment Practices

  • Why how and where you recruit can inadvertently constitute discrimination
  • Hiring practices that will stand up under an EEOC undercover audit
  • Documentation you must have if you're called to court
  • Words you must never use in describing classes of employees

Practical Insights into HR Administration and Benefits

  • Tips to help you avoid common mistakes in meeting the requirements of FMLA
  • Up-to-date COBRA changes that affect the way you administer benefits
  • New legalities in reporting incentive pay, benefits, and other perks
  • How to successfully evaluate, discipline, and correct performance problems among managers

The Legalities of Policies, Procedures, and Employment Handbooks

  • How to communicate policies and procedures so they will be easy to understand and hold up in court
  • What you must do to ensure that employment policies and procedures comply with the law
  • How to recognize legally weak language, unclear definitions, and vague employee rules
  • What absolutely must be achieved during employee orientation for legal reasons

Also Available: Our Certificate Program For HR Generalists Seminar

This intensive, three-day training program includes 14 information-packed sessions - plus Interactive Exercises - covering everything you need to excel as and HR Generalist. Go to for more details.
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Price: $199.00
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The Essentials Of HR Law 3/31/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 3/31/2020 $199.00
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The Essentials Of HR Law 4/1/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/2/2020 $199.00
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The Essentials Of HR Law 4/3/2020 $199.00
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The Essentials Of HR Law 4/6/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/7/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/7/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/8/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/8/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/15/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/16/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/17/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/20/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/21/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/22/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/23/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/24/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/27/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/28/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/29/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 4/30/2020 $199.00
The Essentials Of HR Law 5/1/2020 Indianapolis, IN $199.00
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