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OSHA Compliance Seminar

Duration: 1 day
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OSHA Compliance Seminar
Whether you have one employee or their employer, you are responsible for their safety!

Maintaining a safe workplace environment is more than just good business practice - it's the law. Attend this powerful one-day seminar and discover how to make sure your workplace is safe, secure, and OSHA compliant.

Some Of What You'll Learn:
  • The latest changes in OSHA rules and regulations - how will they affect your organization?
  • Making sense of OSHA's confusing language and government "legalese"
  • How to assess your organization for potential hazards and act now to eliminate them
  • Your written safety plan - what it is, how to create it, and where to find online forms and guidelines to help
  • Could your organization pass an OSHA inspection tomorrow? Here's how to find out
  • How to maintain meticulous records that meet OSHA standards
  • Workplace violence: how to spot red flags and keep workers and visitors safe from threats
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In just one day of intensive, fast-paced training, we'll cover all of the latest regulatory information concerning safety, health, and environmental issues in the workplace.

You'll discover dozens of cost-effective ways for getting your organization into compliance, learn how to expand the effectiveness of your safety training program, find out how to keep the meticulous records required by OSHA, and learn how to assess your organization for a variety of hazards.

We'll also show you where to turn for up-to-the-minute information on OSHA's newest rules and regulations, so that you can keep abreast of changes that might affect your work environment. This seminar will set your mind at ease and make sure that when OSHA knocks on your door, you'll be ready!


An OSHA Primer: Rules, Regulations, the Newest Updates and Information

  • OSHA's citation system - what it is and how it works
  • Compliance Directives - the #1 insight into what OSHA inspectors really think a regulation means
  • Resources to help you keep up with OSHA's newest standards, rules, and regulations
  • Consultation Service - should you use it? We'll tell you the pros and cons
  • How to find your way around,, and to quickly get the information you need
Better Safe Than Sorry: Preventative Measures for Employee Safety

  • What are recognized hazards? Learn to spot and correct them before your people get injured
  • HAZCOM: workers have a right to know about hazardous chemicals in their workplace. We'll tell you how to tell them what they need to know
  • Your written safety plan: what it should include to meet OSHA standards
  • The Needlestick Act: what it is and how it affects you and your employees
  • What you must know about the tagout/lockout standard
When OSHA Knocks: Preparing Your Organization for an OSHA visit

  • Is your business a likely candidate for an OSHA inspection? Find out who gets inspected most frequently and why
  • What is the OSHA inspector looking for during a visit? We'll clue you in on the trouble spots guaranteed to be closely examined
  • How to conduct your own OSHA inspection: catch and correct problems before they become big headaches!
  • From opening conference to penalty appeals, we'll walk you through an OSHA inspection so you know what to expect and how to prepare

Record Keeping, OSHA, and You: Keeping Your Records in Line with OSHA's Rigorous Requirements

  • Who has to keep records? Who's exempt? We'll get you up to date on recent developments that may affect you
  • Log 300, Form 300A, and Form 301 - the newest additions to OSHA's record-keeping arsenal
  • How to stay in OSHA compliance while reporting and recording on-the-job mishaps, injuries, incidents, and catastrophes

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Price: $179.00
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OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/21/2018 Washington, DC $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/21/2018 Fort Worth, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/22/2018 Annapolis, MD $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/22/2018 Dallas, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/25/2018 Midland, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/26/2018 Abilene, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/27/2018 Dayton, OH $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/27/2018 Denton, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/28/2018 Tyler, TX $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/28/2018 Canton, OH $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 6/29/2018 Cleveland, OH $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/9/2018 Yakima, WA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/9/2018 Grand Rapids, MI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/10/2018 Kennewick, WA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/10/2018 Kalamazoo, MI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/11/2018 Lansing, MI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/11/2018 Lewiston, ID $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/12/2018 Ann Arbor, MI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/12/2018 Spokane, WA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/13/2018 Troy, MI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/16/2018 Bozeman, MT $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/17/2018 Helena, MT $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/18/2018 Great Falls, MT $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/19/2018 Kalispell, MT $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/23/2018 Syracuse, NY $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/24/2018 Rochester, NY $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 7/25/2018 Buffalo, NY $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/1/2018 Fort Collins, CO $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/2/2018 Denver, CO $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/3/2018 Salt Lake City, UT $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/7/2018 Reno, NV $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/13/2018 Honolulu, HI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/20/2018 Brainerd, MN $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/20/2018 Colorado Springs, CO $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/21/2018 Boulder, CO $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/21/2018 St. Cloud, MN $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/22/2018 Bloomington, MN $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/22/2018 Rapid City, SD $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/22/2018 Tallahassee, FL $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/23/2018 La Crosse, WI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/23/2018 Valdosta, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/24/2018 Savannah, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/27/2018 Willmar, MN $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/27/2018 Augusta, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/28/2018 Rochester, MN $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/28/2018 Athens, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/29/2018 Gainesville, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/29/2018 Eau Clarie, WI $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 8/30/2018 Atlanta, GA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/10/2018 Atlantic City, NJ $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/11/2018 Allentown, PA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/12/2018 Harrisburg, PA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/19/2018 Scranton, PA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/20/2018 Lancaster, PA $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/26/2018 St. Louis, MO $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/27/2018 Overland Park, KS $179.00
OSHA Compliance Seminar 9/28/2018 Topeka, KS $179.00
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