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Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™
The Requirements For FMLA And ADA Compliance Have Been Updated. Have You?

Every year, more than 1,000 FMLA suits are brought in federal court, and the average settlement is more than $500,000.

Additionally, nearly 30,000 disability discrimination claims were filed by employees with the EEOC in 2023 - the most ever...and now we have a new law that has to be integrated.

Is your organization properly administering these complicated laws? And, do you know how FMLA, ADA, and PWFA can all work together?

Luckily, our comprehensive, three-day program on FMLA and ADA rules and administration guidelines includes 15 information-packed sessions that provide complete A-to-Z coverage of all aspects of the federally-required FMLA and ADA compliance and best practices - plus access to our heralded FMLA and ADA Training & Certification Programs!

Not only will you learn the practical strategies and procedural recommendations that will enable you to tackle the challenging FMLA and ADA issues you confront every day, you'll also get FREE updates whenever FMLA or ADA laws change!

Learn The Key ADA And FMLA Rules For Intermittent FMLA Guidelines, Reasonable Accommodation, And Other ADA And FMLA Employer Requirements - Including For COVID-19

This comprehensive three-day FMLA and ADA seminar and workshop provides you with ADA and FMLA compliance guidelines for employers, including all the tools and practical knowledge you need to effectively manage your FMLA and ADA compliance responsibilities.

Specifically, this course covers the ADA and FMLA rules, laws, and guidelines for employers, as well as the rules for FMLA intermittent leave guidelines, the ADA Reasonable Accommodation requirement, what employers can do to protect against FMLA and ADA abuse, plus:

  • The ADA and FMLA rules on who is covered - and why
  • What is - and isn't - a disability
  • Employee eligibility
  • Leave entitlement
  • Employer posting requirements
  • Intermittent FMLA leave guidelines
  • When your duty to engage in the interactive process is triggered
  • Notifications
  • The laws protecting disabled individuals from discrimination
  • Disabled veterans and the ADA
  • GINA's limitations on acquiring genetic information, and absolute prohibition against using genetic information
  • What is - and is not - a "serious health condition"
  • Identifying "Essential Job Functions" and who is a "Qualified Individuals"
  • Medical Certifications
  • Fitness-for-duty testing
  • How to determine if the employee can perform the essential functions of the job
  • What is a "Reasonable Accommodation"
  • What types of accommodations have the courts found to be reasonable?
  • What types of accommodations have the courts found to be an "undue hardship" for the employer?
  • Accommodations for pregnant workers
  • Responding when an individual refuses an offered accommodation
  • Modifications
  • Return-to-work options
  • Light or modified duty
  • Job restructuring or additional training
  • FMLA job and benefits restoration
  • The most common abuses of FMLA - and why it's happening
  • Tracking leave, including tips for FMLA intermittent leave
  • How to identify patterns, trends, and leave abuse history
  • Ending Leave
  • How to terminate an employee on a leave of absence without violating the FMLA or ADA
  • How FMLA, ADA, Workers’ Comp, and state leave laws work together
  • What needs to be included in your FMLA and ADA policies

You also receive the latest information on COVID-19 and EEO compliance, including:
  • Disclosing the names of infected employees
  • Reasonable accommodations during a pandemic
  • Dealing with pregnant workers, older employees and others at enhanced risk of COVID-19
    Asking employees whether family members have been infected well as the ADA pandemic rules for taking employees' temperatures, giving COVID-19 tests, requiring employees to wear PPE, and vaccination policies.

Practice The ADA And FMLA Rules That You Learn

In addition to teaching you the rules, we incorporate several interactive exercises so you can practice what you learn. These include:

  • Issues regarding eligibility and administrative requirements
  • Determining what is a substantial limitation to a major life activity
  • Analyzing reasonable accommodation requests
  • Handling overlapping leave and disability law dilemmas
  • Why a requested leave of absence under the ADA creates an entire minefield – particularly if the employee is on workers' compensation or FMLA

Special Bonus: Earn An FMLA Certification And An ADA Certification!

As a special bonus, you also receive access to our FMLA Training & Certification Program and our ADA Training & Certification Program!

Not only do these programs include numerous administrative tips and procedural recommendations for keeping in compliance, you also receive FREE updates whenever the law changes, plus the ability to earn a Certified Administrator designation!

Simply complete the Training & Certification Programs included with this course, then pass the exam and you will receive a certificate which is suitable for framing


Here are just some of what people are saying about this course:

...The instructor, Ann Kiernan, was FABULOUS! She knew the information very well. This was the best training course I have ever taken.

...My Staff Manager attended the course last year and had me go this time, and I see why: great training!

...The short questions at the end of each section in the training book were very helpful; our instructor had us answer them and then we talked through the questions and answers as a class.

...the instructor engaged us in discussion about our particular workplaces. He was very knowledgeable and pleasant. He did a thorough job in presenting the material and responding to questions. I would recommend the course to others and would be pleased to have him as my instructor in another course.

...I was very pleased with the class and was very impressed by the instructor's knowledge of the subject as well as her ability to present it quickly and well.

...Great instructor. I am fairly new to FMLA and learned a ton!

...The trainer was personable, and flexible, and willing to answer questions as we shared our personal work challenges that was extremely applicable to better understanding what was reviewed, but also very informative.

...Discussing different relevant cases with the presenter was helpful. He was very knowledgeable about the subject and provided sound feedback and expertise.

...Great class. Loved Susan. Learned a lot.

...Elga had wonderful real life examples which helped with understanding the subtleties of the more intricate laws

...Rare to find the FMLA and ADA together but is so relevant since they often intersect.

...I think it was great to provide the cases and real world examples, it shows examples of how the law relates to specific company situations

...excellent training, loved the class!

...I think our instructor's knowledge contributed to the success of our class. She was highly professional, and took the responsibility of training us seriously

...Great seminar. I liked the personal touch with individual situations being discussed.

...I really felt that the size of the class and the material helped a lot with the learning. It didn't make you feel lost in a class. I am very pleased that I had a chance to attend this course.

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Dates & Times:

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats. In-person courses typically run for three consecutive days, and video courses can run on either three consecutive days or three of the same day of the week (for instance, three consecutive Mondays). For specific dates and times, click on your desired location from the list below.

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An "Early Bird" discount is offered for registrations made 30 days prior to the seminar date, so register today!

About The Provider: offers seminars, webinars, audio conferences, and online training programs to help you better understand and administer the regulations and compliance requirements for COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, Payroll, Retirement Plans, Cafeteria Plans, and other federally-mandated compliance.

We also offer specialized seminars for HR Generalists, and on conducting Internal Investigations, as well as advanced courses on Strategic Leadership and Internal Investigations.

Used by almost every major company and TPA in the country, each of our programs includes numerous tips, examples, recommended procedures, realistic scenarios, and interactive quizzes - all designed to help ensure you are learning.

Our programs also allow you to earn either a valuable "Certified Administrator" designation (for our online programs) or a Skills Certificate (for our in-person seminar attendees)! We also offer a "Certified TPA" Program for Third Party Administrators!

Our programs also qualify for HRCI's PHR and SPHR re-certification credits, as well as SHRM's SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP PDCs. Seminar Policies
Price: $2,395.00
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Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference6/24/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference7/8/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™NYC, NY7/15/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference7/29/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference8/19/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Los Angeles/Anaheim, CA8/21/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Scottsdale, AZ9/18/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference9/18/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Nashville, TN9/18/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference9/30/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™St. Augustine, FL10/16/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Miami/West Palm, FL10/23/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Baltimore, MD11/11/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Daytona Beach, FL11/13/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference11/18/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Video Conference12/2/2024
Certificate Program In FMLA, ADA, And PWFA Compliance ™Atlanta, GA12/16/2024
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