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How Workers' Compensation Works

Format: Online Training Course

How Workers' Compensation Works
This course provides in-depth coverage of the workers' compensation rules common to all states.

By taking this course, you will learn the basic concepts in workers' compensation, including how a state's statutory legal structure fits into the bigger picture by understanding insurance policy coverage, premium calculations. and coverage issues. The course is delivered via self-paced, online modules as described below.

  • Module 1: History and Overview of the Workers' Compensation System

    From its beginnings in Wisconsin to today's system in all 50 states, learn how and why all 50 states have now adopted a structure of a negligence-free workplace.

  • Module 2: Workers' Compensation Insurance Basics

    A workers' compensation insurance policy provides distinct coverage for an employer's exposure to statutory workers' compensation liability. Learn how a workers' compensation policy provides coverage for certain types of workplace injuries, the important exclusions and limitations on coverage.

  • Module 3: Calculating Workers' Compensation Insurance Premiums

    Loss costs, loss cost multipliers, rates, experience modification factors, schedule credits, premium discounts, expense constant. Unravel the mystery and learn why some employers pay much more than others for the same coverage.

  • Module 4: Risk Financing Alternatives for Workers' Compensation

    A traditional insurance policy is just one method employers choose to provide an available source of funds to provide payments to injured workers. Understand why some employers choose self-insurance, large deductible plans, self-insured retention and captives.

  • Module 5: Basic Concepts in Workers' Compensation Law

    Workers' compensation law provides important guarantees and limitations on a workers right to receive payment for injuries suffered on the job. This module covers the basics on the employer/employee relationship and the key aspects of workers' compensation law affecting all employers and employees.

  • Module 6: Determining Whether an Injury is Compensable

    Learn why all workplace injuries are not compensable. The laws in each state provide important limitations on a workers' right to receive benefits. Learn when an employee is actually an employee, what it means to suffer an on-the-job injury and when employers are liable to pay benefits.

  • Module 7: Determining the Amount of Benefits Payable

    When a worker suffers a compensable on-the-job injury, an employer automatically becomes liable to pay benefits. Understand how the law limits the amount of medical and indemnity benefits an employee may receive as compensation for an injury.

  • Module 8: Key Employer Defenses

    Employers can defend an employee's allegation of a workers' compensation claim on multiple grounds including notice and the employee's willful misconduct. This module covers the legal defenses available to most employers to defend a workers' compensation claim.

  • Module 9: Workers' Compensation Claim Handling Procedures

    Prompt reporting, quick action, managed care and a return-to-work plan. Learn the techniques successful claims adjusters use to lower the severity of claims and get workers back on the job quickly.

  • Module 10: Special Topics in Workers' Compensation

    Preventing injuries is the first step to a lower workers' compensation insurance premium. A solid safety plan and culture can keep frequency low. In addition, learn about the unique claims employers across the country face, how to combat fraud and other topics of particular interest in workers' compensation.

  • Module 11: Medicare Set-Asides

    Settlement of workers' compensation cases can trigger Medicare Set-Aside responsibilities that carry stiff penalties if not complied with. Learn when MSAs are required and how to satisfy your legal obligations. This module includes tips for easy identification of Medicare issues and strategies for successful settlement of cases with Medicare needs.

This course provides 8 hours of audio and visual instruction with access 24/7 for 6 months from your date of purchase. A PDF certificate is emailed upon successful completion of the course and exam.

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